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Russell Franklin Smith

On March 29th of 2022, Russell Franklin Smith, a loved Son, Brother, Father, Grandfather, Life Partner, and Man of the Lord was called home. In the city of Brooklyn, New York, on March 3,1968, Richard Freeman Smith and Iris Marie Lugo introduced Russell to the world. As the ambassador for hard work and the spokesman for precise discipline, he proudly served in the U.S. Marine Corps, and was awarded Honorman of his battalion. He later worked in finance and sales. In his youth, his passion for bodybuilding was proved by his appearance on American Gladiators. He also held the Mountavista High School Track and Field record for 20 years for the fastest timed 220-yard dash. As a returning student, he graduated from Armstrong Atlantic University in 2011. He would remark this, to his eldest, as one of his proudest moments. Through his years of hard work, he found enjoyment in bettering himself through his hobbies of biking, reading, and restoring vintage cars in which he saw potential. He was also known as “Rafael” to his community. He is survived by his parents; his siblings Richard, Robert, Iralionska, and Renee; his fiancée and best friend Mary and her son Josh; and his children and their mother, Renee Franzche, Hjazi Jeannette, Rafael Patrick Smith, and Franzche Delva; and many loving relatives and dear friends. Russell held integrity, pride, and grace in the face of molding his children and family. His passing is a heartbreaking loss. Russell had a charismatic and passionate energy with a glowing smile. He lit up rooms with his humor and will continue to light up our hearts with memories. As the years pass from the day he transitioned from this life, keep faith that his presence will be here to lead, encourage, reassure and protect. To whom that mourn him; we can all agree there was no other like Russell “Rafael” Smith. Prepared by Hjazi J. Smith

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